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Management and Decision Making

This offering is the creation of Lila Davidson, owner of Beach Bum BB, Luxury Vacation Rentals on Pensacola Beach.  With a record of producing highest revenues and maintaining properties to higher than industry standards, as owners and users, you will enjoy the benefits of her management style.  The commission fee on rental revenue will be 21% a 3% discount over current management fee.


The management fee includes maintaining the occupancy calendar, the ongoing day to day management of the property, including regular cleaning and maintenance. Collection of any payments that are due from the rental of any unblocked dates, accounting, tax collection and payments, etc.


This kind of arrangement is much better than trying to obtain a contribution from each co-owner whenever a bill or expense is due, and once again can be efficiently managed by a management company, to leave you free to enjoy  your vacation home and to get away from all the stress and hassle of every day life.


It is important to have a fair and comprehensive 'opporating and an ownership' agreement in place.  Once all interested parties are committed to purchase, all the goals and desires of each potential owner have been determined, the agreement will be fine tuned with the best interests of all of the owners in mind. Some decisions or changes may need to be made at the onset,  along the way to closing and in the future.  

The shareholders will vote on the appropriate course of action. Additions or changes to the original 'fractional ownership' agreement, depending on the situation, a unanimous and/or majority decision would be needed in order for a decision to be upheld.  Every share represents 1 vote.  No one individual can own more than 50% of initial offering.

Detailed ownership, management, opportation contracts and agreements will be in place to insure the smooth operation and satisfaction of every owner.

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