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This offering is a way for you, your family, your friends, or your business, to own this property for  a 'fraction' of the cost.  This very valuable Beach Front Sky Home on Pensacola Beach. You get all the benefits of ownership, without the huge investment it would take to purchase a comparable condo that sold for as much as $2,700,000. 

We have witnessed several occasions when affluent owners could not justify the cost or the expensive of owning such a property, because work and other reasons prevented them from using it as much as they thought they could.  If you can only spend a certain number of  weeks in your property, this offering allows you to buy only the percentage of ownership that makes sense for you personally, be it for investment, for personal use, or both.


This offering allows a small group of individuals to pool their financial resources in order to purchase the BEST of the best on Pensacola Beach. As a share holder of this company you will own this unique home, and enjoy the property, get a great return on your investment, much of which would be tax free because you also share in the advantages, such as depreciation.

You love Pensacola Beach.  Millions visit each year and only wish they could own a home.  This offering will allow you to take ownership and control of your 2nd home without all the headaches and expense that goes with it.


If you love Pensacola Beach, then sharing the purchase and cost of this luxury beachfront home with a few other like minded  individuals makes good sense.  


While families and friends may be tempted to operate on verbal agreements, and deal with problems as they come up, joining a group of like- minded individuals in an organized and structured ownership agreement is a better way of ensuring everyone gets the most out of their investment.  


After ongoing expenses like HOA dues, utilities, taxes, etc. are covered, providing a good investment income thru rental revenues has been proven.  This is a much more affordable way of purchasing the vacation home of your dreams.

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